Hans Smit
Education expert with extensive practical experience in various levels of education. Program manager of international education with a focus on didactics and methodology of fieldwork. Special attention to sustainability in the context of the transition towards a circular economy.
Fred Opdam
Founder Amazon Fund. He visited rainforests in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Was the initiator of the foundation 'Help Marc van Roosmalen'. Coordinated a drinking water project in Pilon Lajas and the onset of the Nature and Environmental Education Project in Bolivia.
Piet van Ipenburg
Biology teacher in the Netherlands and several years in Lima. He guided various groups in Amazonia, from 2002 more than twenty trips to Peru with Dutch schoolchildren for foundation BEE. He was director for two years of the Sachavacayoc Centre, a field study center in southeastern Peru.

Bert van Barneveld
Project development
Tropical agricultural and natural resource management specialist (Wageningen), who has worked all his life in the tropics, including over 30 years in South America. Was General Manager in Latin America of the DHV Consulting Group from 1990 to 2008. Currently a consultant sustainable business development in South America with an emphasis on agribusiness, environmental conservation, land use planning and public-private partnerships.
John Smit
Project development
Is entomologist and works for the European Invertebrate Survey - Netherlands. It where the insects that astonished him by their diversity as a child and they continues to amaze him, in appearance, biology and ecology. John guides Dutch students to Peru for the Dutch Foundation for Biodiversity and Education (BEE foundation). The main purpose of this foundation, of which he is on the board, is to create awareness of biodiversity in the world.
Annelies Andringa
Project development
Tropical ecologist and biology teacher secondary education. Currently working in the Philippines as Science and Conservation Officer, Marine Conservation Philippines. In 2013 and 2014 she was responsible for the implementation of teacher training and excursions into the rainforest with secundary school students of Rurrebabaque in Bolivia. A program supported by the Amazon Fund Netherlands.
Bas Smeets
Coach and trainer with years of commercial experience in international business. Visited rainforests in Suriname and Peru and is particularly interested in local traditions and the use of medicinal plants found in the Amazon. In Peru he saw with his own eyes the effects of logging and oil companies and its impact on local indigenous populations. Feels commited to work for nature conservation in the Amazon.
Vasco van Roosmalen
General advice
Brasilía, Brazilië. Grew up in a Maroon village in Suriname, the rainforests of French Guiana and the Brazilian Amazon. He lived much of his life in tropical South America. His background is environmental and political science. He coordinated the mapping of 18 million hectares of indigenous territories in collaboration with the Brazilian government and 20 indigenous communities. Currently director of the Amazon Conservation Team - ECAM Brazil where he is coordinator of a multidisciplinary team working on building the capacity of indigenous communities so that they can better manage and protect their land and biodiversity.
Paul F. Torrence
General advice
Williams, Oregon, USA. (PhD). Is professor emeritus of chemistry and biochemistry at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, USA. His career spans 30 years in the US National Institutes of Health, where he was a section manager, then 8 years at Northern Arizona University where he was 3 years department chairman. He is now a small organic farmer and involved in forest and watershed restoration, and board member of The Wilderness Land Trust.
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Jan Kaiser
General advice
Founder (1971) of IDA, Amsterdam, a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the provision of essential drugs in developing countries at affordable prices. He led the construction of pharmaceutical factories and shops in Africa and Asia. Until 2003, he had a leading position in similar organizations. More than fifteen years he was secretary and chairman of the Foundation AAP, an organization that takes care of primates and other mammals.

Elisabeth Rijpkema
Is communication and fundraising specialist for nonprofit organisations and projects, particularly in the areas of international, humanitarian and sustainable development. She studied at the ESSEC Business School, Zuyd University and at the School of Management in Maastricht. She was formerly a senior communications adviser at Oxfam, boardmember of the foundation IBISS and project manager at Van Rossum & Partners. Now she owns the organization Matters of Value.
René Boot
Is director of Tropenbos International, a foundation that focuses on improving the administrative structure and management of tropical forests for people and biodiversteit. He is Professor in the sustainable management of tropical forests at Utrecht University. René studied ecology and a promoted (PhD) in 1990 at the Utrecht University. After graduating he worked for fifteen years on sustainable forest management in Guyana and Bolivia.

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Amazon Fund has an ANBI status.
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