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Going for the Gold for the
Tropical Forests

The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil: a chance for Brazil, the Amazon and all of us.

On October 2009 Brazil has won the honor of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. We congratulate Brazil, ex-President Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva and President Dilma Rouseff, and send best wishes for success. The President spoke of this event as the beginning of a new era. For the first time, the Olympics will be held in South America.

The 2016 Olympic Games will offer not only opportunities for achievement in sports but also a golden chance for the future of the tropical forests. Therefore, extending the Olympic wish of brotherhood and human rights, the Amazon Fund asks society also to focus attention on the natural livelihoods and environments of the indigenous people.

President Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva announced that money would not be a problem in the organization of the 2016 Olympic Games. Unfortunately, Brazil’s financial success has come at immense cost. A substantial part of Brazil’s wealth has been obtained at the expense of local nature. Brazilian nature is being exploited rapidly. Each day, vast areas of tropical forest vanish. Extensive cattle farming, monoculture crops like soy or biofuel crops, logging, and mining are among the causes of these catastrophic losses. Protected areas are burned or logged, often illegally. Rainforests, wetlands, and dry forest areas are diminishing, disappearing, and changing for the worse at the hands of our ravenous culture. Like Brazil, the Netherlands, Europe, and the United States have profited.

The Brazilian nature is exploited accelerated. In the Amazon deforested large areas of tropical forest. The reason: Extensive farming, monocultures like soy and crops for agro and biofuels! Logging, mining and oil exploitation are other reasons. And also the construction of the olympic stadiums contribute to deforestation.

All in all, the Olympic medal has a downside. Deforestation continues. In Brazil, an area the size of France deforested in a few decades. The original inhabitants are losing their land and often their rights. Flora and fauna is in jeopardy. Partly extinct. Result? Climate change!

Deforestation increases
While from 2005-2011 deforestation showed an decrease of deforestation in the Amazon through better enforcement and protection, between August 2012 and July 2013 an area 5843 square kilometers was deforested. This means a huge increase. Satellite images show that there is an increase of nearly 30 percent compared to 2011.

Source: imazon.org.br / INPE

CO2 storage capacity reduces in the Amazon forest
Recent research by Naturalis, Wageningen UR, Tropenbos and Rainforest network, Leeds University led by Roel Brienen shows that the CO2 storage capacity of the Amazon reduced. The last decade by 30 percent. http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v519/n7543/full/nature14283.html

Why do we focus on the 2016 Olympic Games?
As organizer of the Olympics you are the center of attention. And that not only offers opportunities to bring sport into the picture. In Brazil, large-scale deforestation is unparalleled. Moreover, the country still ownes most of the world's forests. Brazil could play an examplery role for South America and the rest of the world. The Amazon region extends over countries like Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Suriname,

Importance of the rainforest

  • Tropical forests act as lungs of the earth;
  • In our climate the CO2 balance the Amazon forest plays a crusiale role;
  • The rainforests are the world's largest pharmacy. More than a quarter of our modern medicines have their origin from the tropical forest;
  • Tropical forest has a rich biological diversity. Half of all the plants and animals living in the forests of the Amazon;
  • It is a home to some 200 indigenous peoples;
  • It is a paradise for nature lovers.

What does Amazon Fund propose?
Working with other organizations, we want to make an appeal to the Brazilian government, the Olympic committee, environmental organizations, athletes and sponsors, and all governments of participating countries:

Stop unnecessary deforestation in Brazil and other parts of the world. Be careful with nature. Respect the rights of indigenous people. Set a percentage of the 2016 Olympic budget available for Nature and Environmental Education in the Amazon region.

We’re going for the gold for the rainforest and indigenous rights. Are you? Please send an email to info@amazonfund.eu with the message: Yes, I’m a sympathizer. Please include name and residence.